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Bringing the Word to You with Timothy Greco



All Glory to God. Thank you all so much for taking time out to listen to, and watch, Bringing the Word to You on KCRO as well as on television. Thank you all so much for visiting this site. My name is Tim Greco, a Holy Spirit man saved by the Grace of God wanting to love Him with all I am, serve Jesus, love people, and live out the calling that is on my life. Please visit our website to receive all the information about this Ministry including contact information, radio times, television times, social media links, as well as ways to give to the Ministry after prayerfully considering to do so. Through your generous contributions to the Ministry, God is doing great things as many are coming to salvation, repentance, and given a hope in Jesus that will not fail them.



If nobody told you they love you today, we love you, God loves you, and we pray you have a blessed rest of the day. In Jesus name Let’s go! – GOD’S LOVE