The Bible Says with Ashley Day

Pastor Ashley Day, began his career in a school of languages in London’s West End. The Lord called him into the ministry when Billy Graham first visited London in 1954. Moving down to the rural areas of Cornwall, he preached in small pastorless churches for the next few years, working in a china clay mine to earn a living.

After immigrating to the United States in 1959, the Days first served in the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and then with Village Missions, where they pastored several churches in Oregon. Pastor Day went on to minister throughout the world. In spite of the tug to retire, he never really did. The Lord enabled Pastor Day to continue to minister through Seed-Time radio broadcasts and writing messages into book form. This continued until March 29th, 2014, when the Lord called him home. His widow and five children and their spouses share a commitment in seeing the Word continue to be sown through this committed man of God.

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